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Grilling Ideas for Your Beach Holiday

Grilling Ideas for Your Beach Holiday

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Heading for the ocean this summer? Here are some great ideas for grilling on the beach

Summer grilling at the beach can be a fun activity for everyone.

Seaside vacations are one of the best things about summer — sun, sea, surf and the delicious seafood. Summer food at the beach can be tasty and fun, especially if you’re grilling your food which can be a fun activity for everyone to join in with. Here are some great grilling ideas for creating wonderful barbecued feasts on the beach this summer:

1. Pick the right Grill

There are so many barbecue options available these days, from charcoal to gas, so pick one that easy to use and best fits the type of food your want to grill. And what if you like that smoky taste to your grilled food? Consider choosing a grill that allows you to add wood pieces that will infuse you BBQ food with a great smoky flavor.

2. Spice up your grilled food

Grilling already brings out great flavor in your food but consider amplifying the tastes by adding extra spice to your grilled food, like sprinkling ground chili peppers on top of your vegetables before tossing them on the BBQ.

3. Think of interesting foods to grill

We all love barbecue chicken or ribs, but what about BBQ fajitas? Tossing wraps, rolls or Mediterranean dishes like halloumi cheese on the grill makes for inventive and fun beach food.


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