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This drink by Kyle Beach, the general manager of Buxton Hall in Asheville, N.C, and its ingredient list reads like Appalachian magic: bourbon, house Mountain Dew and Tang, the concentrated orange drink powder popularized by astronauts in the early 1960s.

  • 16 oz Bourbon
  • 32 oz Dew syrup*
  • 32 oz Soda water
  • Garnish: Tang rim**
  • Garnish: Lime wheel
  1. Rim a Collins glass with a Tang rim** and set aside.

  2. Add all ingredients into the glass over ice.

  3. Garnish with a lime wheel.

  4. *Dew syrup: Combine 4 cups sugar, zest of 10 limes, zest of 10 oranges, 4 tsp citric acid and 1 tsp malic acid in large container. Let sit for 3 hours or up to 1 day. Add 8 oz fresh orange juice, 2 oz fresh lime juice and 4 cups hot water and stir to dissolve sugar. Strain through chinois to remove solids.

  5. **Tang rim: Rim the glass with a mixture of 1/2 cup ground dried orange peel, 1/2 cup sugar and a 1/8 tsp citric acid.

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