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You Can Now Make Soup in Your Keurig: Campbell’s Releases Line of K-Cups

You Can Now Make Soup in Your Keurig: Campbell’s Releases Line of K-Cups

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Campbell’s has teamed up with Keurig to create Campbell’s Fresh Brewed Soup, which can be brewed in any Keurig machine

You knew it was only a matter of time before savory K-cups were invented.

Your Keurig machine isn’t just for fancy espresso anymore; now you can make your lunch using the same machine. Keurig announced a partnership with Campbell’s, which will be releasing a line of soup K-cups. So far there are only two soup varieties to choose from: Homestyle chicken broth & noodle soup mix and Southwest chicken-style broth and noodle soup mix, both under 70 calories.

All you have to do to make the instant noodle soup is to empty the packet into a 12-oz cup, insert the K-Cup pod, brew, and stir. Somehow, it reminds us of another phenomenon that college students have enjoyed for ages: instant ramen.

But according to CBS News, this actually could be an attempt to increase Keurig sales, which have been struggling this year, possibly due to the price tag of Keurig’s units compared to its competitors (Keurig models can go for upwards of $300 per machine).

The real query is, will our morning coffee henceforth forever taste like chicken noodle soup after brewing some Campbell’s?

"We were careful not to taint coffee with a soup taste or soup with a coffee taste," Michael Goodman, marketing director of innovation at Campbell's told CBS. "I brewed quite a few personally and didn't have any aftertaste with any form." They do suggest washing your Keurig between mixed uses, "just to ensure there's no possibility of an aftertaste."