Orange cake

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Step 1.

Dissolve 6 teaspoons of gelatin in 250 ml of cold milk.

Step 2.

Separately put in a bowl 6 egg yolks, 10 tablespoons sugar, grated peel from a smaller orange (do not grate too much peel so that the bitter composition does not come out), 1 large diced orange (or 2 smaller ones). It is preferable to peel the orange slices from the skin because they are bitter. Mix all this together with the gelatin that has dissolved in the meantime in the milk and simmer until it boils a little, stirring continuously, not much because the gelatin has no action when it is boiled. Put to cool.

Step 3.

1 liter of whipped cream is beaten hard, very hard, whipped cream to be very hard.

After the composition has cooled, mix it with whipped cream and put it in a 5-6 kg pan lined with orange slices and leave it in the fridge overnight. In order for the cake to come out of the pan easily and put food foil all over the inside of the pan, then put the orange slices on the bottom and walls of the pan and pour the composition over it. Level well and cover with excess foil. The next day, unfold the foil, cover the pan with the tray on which the cake will be and turn it over. Pull the foil gently and it will fall on the plate.

I wish you good luck! It is very cool and good looking.