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IPic Theaters Offer Specialty Menu Items in November

IPic Theaters Offer Specialty Menu Items in November

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Throughout November, iPic movie theaters across the country will be offering a new dish and a new cocktail to commemorate two new movie releases.

In honor of the new Bradley Cooper movie, Burnt, iPic has teamed with chef David LeFevre to create a special brioche-crusted crab cake with lemon remoulade and pickles. The dish is part of iPic’s guest chef series where famous chefs create a special dish to be highlighted for a month on the theater’s menus.

In honor of Spectre, the new James Bond film, iPic resident mixologist Adam Seger created Martini Intelligence with Belvedere vodka, mescal, Rothman & Winter Austrian apricot liqueur, and Moroccan tea.

Guests can also choose items a la carte off of the menu designed by chef Sherry Yard. Dishes that guests can enjoy while watching their favorite films include salmon tartare cones, lobster rolls, Angus burgers, potato boats with smoked salmon, truffle fries, and a variety of pizzas.

On the sweeter side, iPic Westwood features curated concessions offerings showcasing Yard’s take on classic favorites along with selections from local artisans, such as locally made caramels and toffee, chocolate chip cookies, s’more sandwiches.

A full-service bar offers a wide selection of hand-crafted cocktails presented by master sommelier Seger, featuring a locally driven, fresh produce and an herbs-centric menu focusing on house made syrups, bitters, and infusions. Seger’s creations include drinks with complex flavor profiles like The Norma Jean made with Marilyn Monroe vodka, and not-from-concentrate strawberry lemonade, and Seger’s take on a classic Old Fashioned made with black walnut-infused rye, fig syrup, and house-made orange bitters.

iPic theaters are located in Pasadena and Westwood in Los Angeles.

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